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We provide professional assistance to individuals who are looking to immigrate to Canada. These services involve a range of tasks and support, including guidance on visa applications, document preparation, and legal representation. Immigration services aim to facilitate a smooth and efficient process for clients, helping them navigate the complex requirements and regulations set by Canada. By understanding the unique needs and circumstances of each individual, these services can help streamline the immigration process, saving time, and reducing stress. With expert knowledge and resources, immigration services provide invaluable support to those embarking on a new chapter in their lives.

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Maria Makarova is a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant, and a member of the College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants. She is authorized to represent and advise clients on Immigration and Citizenship matters.

person in orange long sleeve shirt writing on white paper
person in orange long sleeve shirt writing on white paper

Maria Makarova, RCIC


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Our goal is to keep you informed during every stage of the process and make your immigration experience as stress free as possible. Our staff speak English, Russian and Spanish.

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